Blanchard Surveys Available For Purchase

2016 Director Compensation Survey – Available for $500

This survey was based on 2016 year end data and was completed in early 2017.  We collected director compensation and trends data from 107 regional and community banks.  The survey includes information on meeting fees, committee fees, retainers, equity grants, benefits, total compensation for an average director, and total non-employee director compensation.  The bank data is analyzed based on asset size and public versus private.  This survey also includes an assessment of board and committee chair fees and includes questions on board structure, mandatory retirement age, equity ownership guidelines, and benefits offered to directors.


2016 Compensation Survey – Available for $800

The Blanchard Consulting Group’s 2016 Bank Compensation Survey contains salary and cash compensation (salary + annual cash incentive/bonus) data for approximately 20 executive positions and over 100 middle management and staff level positions from over 100 community/regional banks. Data is broken out by asset size and regional location. In addition, this survey summarizes actual cash bonuses paid for 2015 performance as a percent of salary as well as the potential earning opportunity under a performance-based cash incentive plan at target and maximum performance levels. If you have additional questions on the specifics of this valuable survey please email us at


2016 Compensation Trends & Employee Benefits Survey – Available for $125

The 2016 Compensation Trends and Employee Benefits Survey contains data from 201 community bank participants.  This survey gathered information on recent trends regarding compensation committee best practices, compensation philosophy and salary trends, annual incentive plan design and payouts, and long-term incentive programs.  In addition, this survey covers employment/change-in-control agreements, supplemental executive retirement plans, deferred compensation plans, executive perquisites, and employee benefits.  Details are provided surrounding the typical amounts of car allowance, country club memberships, and 401(k) matches.